Reverse Osmosis (RO) World Class Filtration

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a water treatment process that removes contaminants from water by forcing water molecules through a semipermeable membrane under pressure. During this process, the contaminants are filtered out, leaving 98% pure, delicious drinking water. Our solutions at Counter Reverse Osmosis provide an ideal compact system for the purest water possible. Check out the options below.

Reverse osmosis turns poor incoming water into purified water that is safe to drink. following is our free combination solutions.

Why choose ONG's RO Filtration Solution?

Wide Range Free Combination

Our Free combination options for bottle free water cooler  can help you to conquer the market easily.

In-house R&D

In-house R&D team dedicated to hi-tech eco-friendly design innovation, with over 15 years of technical experience.

Give Solutions Not Price

ONG cares only the product solutions, we give different solutions through instant video meeting.

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How We Work On Your New Product 

What we do for you

Making the drinking water products contact manufactured as efficient as possible is our key goal.

All of this at a reasonable direct factory cost, quality, and lead time.


Fully Understanding Your Requirements
Step 1
Step 2
Collect Bids From Manufacturers
Step 3
You Get Solutions
Step 4
Factory Audit
Step 5
Step 6
Mass Production
Step 7
Step 8
Step 9


Fully Understanding Your Requirements


Fully understand your requirements as a first step is so important. 


What stage are you at in your project?

How many units are you looking to manufacture?

What issue you are facing?





To decrease your cost, improve quality and production efficiency.


We analyse your drawings of drinking water products detailed with our production, so that the potential problem can be found.


The suggestions for improvements and modifications can be made.



Collect Bids From Manufacturers


We generate a thorough definition of your needs and distribute it to multiple manufacturers.


ONG only does the contract manufacture for certain drinking water products, our strict screening requirements have helped you do the most important work.


We go over the bids and answers to confirm that the raw materials and planned procedures are priced fairly.


The best choice is then chosen based on a combination of pricing, performance, quality, and our previous experience with the providers.



You Get Solutions


You will receive quote  solutions, as well as a discussion of potential issues and risks.


We will go through dimension deviations, finish limitations/implications, domestic material equivalent alternatives, etc



Factory Audit


When you confirm a new factory bid, we do a detailed factory audit to ensure safety and quality.


Usually we prefer long-term cooperation factories(Already done the audit many times)to meet all aspects mature and ensure the most reliable quality and safty.


Here is some ideas about our audit work(We follow the WALMART audit standard);
Size (Number Of Staff, Revenue)
Specific Machines (Upkeep And Quantity)
Current Product Market
Safety Of Workers
Social Responsibility
Proper Lighting/Working Conditions
Safety Signs
Process Control
Management Structure
Compensation Policy
Recall Procedure





When the factory is approved, we begin prototyping.


We discuss essential points such as appearance, critical dimensions, critical regions, and performance with the manufacturer.


We evaluate the sample, ensure that the process/material is the same as expected in mass production, and then provide you the sample together with a thorough report.



Mass Production


Before beginning production, we repeat the evaluation process with the manuafactuer, emphasizing and ensuring that improvements identified.


When everything is settled well, the mass production will be started.





During production, we do in-process inspections like:
Raw Material Acquisition
Process Low Lead-Times
Process Stages/Steps


We do extra works  once manufacturing finish such as:
Packaging/Secure Transit
Critical Dimensions/Specifications
Shipping Marks





To schedule picking up and delivery, we will contact the freight forwarder. We will handle all customs documents, such as
HS Codes/Tariffs


We monitor
Tracking Information
Customs Clearance
Schedule Delivery To Your Preferred Location As Soon As The Pickup Is Completed.

new product plan processing


Mainstream 3 types

  1. Freestanding bottleless water cooler: The general commercial bottleless water cooler is mainly vertical, with a water tank inside the device, which occupies a large area.
  1. Counter top bottleless water cooler: The countertop type is suitable for families who are not convenient to directly connect to the water purification system. They need to constantly add water to the water tank by themselves. The advantage is that they can move freely.
  1. Wall-mounted bottleless water cooler: The wall-mounted bottleless water cooler can be connected to the home water purification system. The bottleless water cooler is directly hung on the wall and does not occupy the space in the house.

There are two main sources: wastewater rinse and wastewater filter.

  1. Wastewater rinse:
    RO-membrane is flushed by the wastewater. The filtrated wastewater is a section of retentate produced during the filtering of tap water that is blocked by the RO membrane when the machine restarts to generate water that prevents the RO membrane from becoming blocked and extends the life of the RO membrane.

2. Wastewater filter:
According to the pure water recovery rate of about 30% set by general manufacturers, daily consumption of 4GL pure water (basically enough for drinking and cooking) will produce 9.2GL wastewater, and the total water consumption is 13GL, and the total wastewater is 1.05T in 30 days per month. Tons (9.2GL*30=276GL=0.37Ccf), based on the current Washinton water price of Residential – 0 – 4 Ccf $3.49, the wastewater produced in a month is only $1.29.

There are a lot of processes, the following program photo can clear your fog, by the integral system, we design, build and service your products so you can enjoy unparalleled product quality and after-care that is second-to-none.

  1. New Product Plan
  2. Small Batch Pilot Production
  3. Small Batch Production
  4. Mass Production Application and Arrangement

    Click the image to know our new project detail

We only work with the factories that have experts in the R&D department to make sure that the design and function are excellent.

The automated work lines under the supervision of the production manager ensure that the mass production of batches is perfectly in line with the design.

The QC team performs batch, sampling, validation, and laboratory testing in our sophisticated test chamber;

The rich oral skills dedicated Account Manager make sure your communication is barrier-free;

All of our products are rigorously inspected under the AQL 2.5 4.0 standard before shipping.

The rich export experienced team makes sure your import success.


Interested in our OEM&ODM solution?

Wide range free combination options available, so you can select a plan that suits you.

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