What are the most popular features of countertop bottleless water coolers for users in USA and Canada?

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most popular 7 features of POU in USA and Canada

In recent years, countertop bottleless water coolers have been selling well. With the introduction of new and amateur resellers, new issues have arisen.

The new sellers don’t know what the end users like. They don’t know the styles or features. Or where they can buy these countertop bottleless water coolers.

They don’t know whether to use an agent or find a processing factory. They don’t even know the problems that are common with this product.

countertop bottleless water cooler

But before I clarify the issues, a word of advice.

If you are a new seller of countertop bottleless water coolers, don’t take it for a joke. If you do, you might not only lose time but real money.

Because of this article’s length, I will only concentrate on a point.

The most popular features of countertop bottleless water coolerscountertop bottleless water cooler. Especially in the U.S. and Canada.

If used well, this article may help you save lots of money.


countertop bottleless water coolerThe most popular features of countertop bottleless water coolers are:

  1. Hot, Cool, And Cold Water Outputs.
  2. Office And Student Dormitory Use.
  3. The self-Cleaning Features.
  4. Seconds Heating System.
  5. 4 Stage Filtration System.
  6. Dispensing Area, Fetching Cup, And Dip Tray.
  7. UL/Energy Star Certification.


Hot, Cool, And Cold Water OutPut

This is one of the most popular features to look out for.

Many countertop bottleless water coolers have only two outputs. The hot or cold water output. Many others have three, and that is better.

The three water outputs are:

  1. The hot water output
  2. The cold water output
  3. The cool or warm water output, which is a mixture of the two above.

 The hot water output

countertop bottleless water cooler

This produces very hot water. But it is such that the water is not boiling. You can use the hot water for making tea and brewing your coffee. Most times, the hot water is hot enough to make instant food.

 The cold water output

This output produces cold water. The cold water is always ready for drinking. Giving pure, clean, and refreshing water.


 The cool or warm water output

This combines both the water from the hot water output and cold water outputs.

Most countertop bottleless water coolers have separate nozzles for the different outputs.

Others have a high-pressure water system with a single nozzle. This single nozzle delivers all the temperatures of the water.

countertop bottleless water cooler

When considering the hot water input. Look out for guards. Hot water guards are necessary for hot water nozzles. They help to prevent accidental spills.

Countertop bottleless water coolers with three outputs are the best. Those with a single nozzle are better as they help to reduce space.

Another point to consider is the child safety lock on the hot water output.


Office And Students’ Dormitory Use

This feature distinguishes countertop bottleless water coolers from conventional water coolers.

Why so?

The conventional water coolers make use of very large containers.

These containers are very heavy to carry—about 80 pounds.

You don’t have to worry about this.

countertop bottleless water cooler

The water for these coolers is easy to get. You can tap water from the building’s main water line.

Countertop bottleless water coolers for office and student dormitory use are very ideal.

Before getting a countertop bottleless water cooler, you have to consider the following:

  1. The size of the place in the office or dormitory for installation.
  2. Aesthetics of the countertop bottleless water cooler
  3. The number of people who use it.

Once you have these figured out, it helps you decide what to buy.


The Self-Cleaning System

This is another popular feature common with water coolers in the U.S. and Canada.

Cleaning electronics is generally difficult. Let alone cleaning one that is delicate and fragile.

countertop bottleless water cooler

Countertop bottleless water coolers are delicate to clean. That is why you need to get one with a self-cleaning feature.

This self-cleaning feature of water coolers removes dust, rust, and contaminants from water.

The self-cleaning system feature helps to reduce the attention and care given to it. Because it means the water cooler can take care of itself.

countertop bottleless water cooler

Countertop bottleless water coolers with ozone dispensing self-cleaning features are the best. The ozone goes into the water storage and pipes. And performs its magic.

The ozone helps to clean and make pure the cooler. It also eliminates harmful bacteria and germs. Some of which are harmful to the human body.

The self-cleaning factor reduces maintenance time. It also makes it easy for the machine to work without stress.


Seconds Heating System

In a countertop bottleless water cooler, there are two ways to get hot water.

The first way is by having a storage for hot water. Like a water reservoir. The other way is by having a second heating system.


countertop bottleless water cooler

The second heating system is always the best.

Countertop bottleless water coolers with these features are small. And they are more convenient. They save the extra space for water storage.

The fastest heating systems are those with a commercial-grade temperature control system. Compressors drive these kinds of countertop water coolers.

countertop bottleless water cooler

The best compressors are those that have a high value of heating elements. Like 400 Watts and above.

Other water coolers use internal heating coils.

A second heating system is essential for a small-sized countertop water cooler.

This is because there is no need for a hot water reservoir.


4-Stage Reverse Osmosis Filtration

This is another very important feature to look out for.

It helps you filter harmful things from the water. It does not only show good performance, it guarantees healthy living.

Countertop bottleless water coolers should have four-stage reverse osmosis filtration.


  What is 4-stage Reverse Osmosis Filtration?

It is a series of four different stages of filtration.

The different steps filter more particles from your water. From small particles of sediment to bacteria that you can’t see with your naked eyes.

countertop bottleless water cooler

The four stage of reverse osmosis filtrationcountertop bottleless water coolerare:

  Stage 1

This is a super fine polypropylene cartridge. It carries out filtration by filtering sediments.

countertop bottleless water cooler

It removes particles like dust, rust, contaminants, colors, and flavors. Sometimes even grit, mud, and algae.


  Stage 2

This is membrane protection that consists of a granular activated carbon pre-filter.

It helps to remove all bad tastes, smells, colors, and chemicals in the water.

countertop bottleless water cooler

It also protects the filtration membrane from chlorine degradation.


  Stage 3

This stage consists of a very small reverse osmosis membrane. It is effective in screening out mineral ions. Like lead, fluoride, sodium, and mercury.

countertop bottleless water cooler

It also screens out microorganisms, colloidal matter, and most cysts.

The membrane has a strong likeness to oxygen. Because of this, it produces sparkling oxygenated water.


  Stage 4

This is the final stage, and it is a carbon polishing post filter. It filters out unwanted tastes and odors to create amazing water.

countertop bottleless water cooler

It is a final check against any form of impurity.

All these stages of filtration make water safe and fresh for use.


Dispensing Area, Fetching Cup, And Dip Tray

The dispensing area, fetching cup, or drip tray is another popular feature.

The wider the dispenser area, the larger the size of the cooler.

But a wide dispensing area allows for easy filling. It also helps to reduce spillage by accident.

countertop bottleless water cooler

Fetching cups and drip trays are the next features to consider.

The cups make it easy to get water from the cooler. The drip tray makes the cleaning process easier in case of spillage.

The three features are very important.


UL/Energy Star Certification

Countertop bottleless water cooler is good for the environment. It uses no bottle.

Hence, less need for delivery trucks. Which helps reduce carbon imprint. It also prevents plastic waste pollution.

Because of this, UL and Energy Star are important features for water coolers.


 What is UL?

UL or Underwriter Laboratory is a third-party certification company. Founded in 1894 in Chicago.

countertop bottleless water cooler

They certify products like electronics, home appliances, furnaces—fuses, alarms, etc.

They do this to make it safer for workers and consumers.


 What is Energy Star?

This is a government-backed, trusted symbol for efficient energy.

It shows that a product or service would help you save money.

These two features are important when getting a countertop water cooler.

countertop bottleless water cooler

These two ensure you are getting quality products. And they will not burden your bills.

Because these countertop water coolers lower the cost of utility.


 Benefits of UL and Energy Stars

  1. Products Confidence
  2. Greater Peace Of Mind
  3. Product Quality
  4. Product Safety
  5. Energy Efficiency

Although these features are the basics, there are more to consider.

Other features may include:

  1. The Presence Of Artificial Intelligence
  2. Connectivity To Wi-fi
    countertop bottleless water cooler
  3. Voice Control
  4. Display For Water Quality
    countertop bottleless water cooler
  5. A Smart Child Lock For Child Safety
  6. Guards For Hot Water Output
  7. Ada Compliance


Checking the popular features of countertop bottleless water coolers is good.  It helps you save time and money.

If you are a new seller looking for a permanent fixture. These are the features to check for.

It could be for your business or your homes or offices. But I hope this article will help you make the right decision. Especially when it comes to getting countertop bottleless water coolers.

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