What is the Most Reliable Bottleless Water Cooler With Ice Maker Manufacturer in China?

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The bottleless water cooler business is growing because water is essential. Before buying from us, one of our clients bought from non-reliable manufacturers. Her products had quality problems, and it delayed stocking. She lost money worth millions of U.S. dollars.

A reliable bottleless water cooler with an ice maker manufacturer has the following qualities:

  1. NSF or CSA certificates
  2. A strict quality management system
  3. Rich OEM experience and capability
  4. Good after-sales capabilities
  5. A timely response
  6. Low staff turnover rate

If you’re planning to go into this business, this article might help you begin a successful business. We have carried out all the necessary research. Read and understand this before picking a manufacturer.

NSF or CSA Certified


There are certificates manufacturers of bottleless water coolers with ice maker should have. Other than the basic certificates, CE, ISO 9001. Like the NSF and CSA certifications. 

Quality control is an essential part of the company’s management. It deals with reaching the company’s quality requirements. This definition of quality control is according to ISO 9001.

The NSF andCSA certifications show that the manufacturers have good products. And these products meet the Public Health Protection standards. Choose manufacturers with these certificates. They meet the strict standards, processes, and procedures imposed by NSF and CSA.

Manufacturers have to pass some tests before getting these certificates. Their products have to pass their test, their company inspected, and materials analyzed. 


bottleless water cooler manufacturer


The certifications are not a one-time thing. Companies, over time, need to have certificate renewal. This makes them relevant. The newer the certificate, the better. 

Buying from them is a good thing. It means you are buying quality bottleless water coolers with ice makers. 

If you patronize manufacturers, and they don’t meet these qualities. Don’t fret; NSF will protect you by taking action. Actions like returning the products, notifying the public, and derecognizing them.


Strict Quality Management System


This is very important. It helps manufacturers create excellent business relationships with their customers. 

These quality management systems are groups of policies that decide the company’s rules. They also include processes, documented procedures, and records. These rules guide the production of products and their delivery to the customers. 

If the above sounds pretty tricky to you, let’s make it simpler. 

These systems are rules that the companies created to meet their needs. It also provides ways through which they can see their customers’ needs.


bottleless water cooler manufacturer


There is a standard for quality management systems all over the world. It is the ISO 9001 standard.

This strict quality management system serves as a Keystone to a successful business. It shows that the company has products that are up to standards. 

When buying this bottleless water cooler, look out for manufacturers with these qualities. It shows their strength in producing efficient products. It also portrays a good image of them. And show that the companies’ decision-making process is evidence-based. 

Over the years, companies that have these qualities have proven to be more capable. 

They have improved the quality of employees, consistency, and good customer satisfaction.

A strict quality management system also shows the manufacturer’s credibility.

A credible manufacturer is a reliable one. So they are a good choice for your bottleless water cooler with ice maker.


Rich OEM Expansion and Ability


A rich OEM expansion and ability is key to a successful business. It is necessary to pick a reliable manufacturer for your bottleless water dispenser with ice maker business. 

Businesses and people with new and innovative products need OEMs the most. OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer. It is when the product’s manufacturer is different from the product’s designers. 

Manufacturers with this ability are the most reliable. This is because as a customer, they give you exclusivity to sell your products.


bottleless water cooler manufacturer


Yes! This means the product belongs to you, and you can also do near-complete customization. 

You can make your bottleless water dispenser with ice maker the way you want. From the color, the size, the rate, and can even change some of its specifications.

And when it comes to OEMs. Go for manufacturers whose lowest order quantity requirements are not too high.

A low order quantity is good because you’ll spend less on them. This makes them the right choice. Especially if you are new to the business. 

Good After-sales Capabilities


This is another quality that makes a manufacturer reliable. After-sales services are also called After-sales support. There are services that a customer can receive after a business may have concluded. The manufacturer, training provider, or even a retailer can render these services. 

Before settling for a manufacturer, check out the capability of their after-sales services.

Manufacturers with this quality use it as one of their marketing strategies. They do this because it shows their companies’ loyalty, word of mouth marketing. It also leads to higher customer satisfaction.

You get a money-back guarantee if you patronize reliable manufacturers. That is manufacturers with good after-sales capabilities.


bottleless water cooler manufacturer


Look out for manufacturers that offer great after-sales services like:

  1. How do they handle the quality problem?
  2. How do they do basic training and maintenance for bottleless water cooler?
  3. How do they return the money?
  4. How do they handle the compensation?

They do these either through a discounted service charge or a free service. Go for companies that have a clear exchange and return policy. Also, go for manufacturers with a number to reach its customer care representatives. 

Other services to look out for before picking a manufacturer include:

  • Customer service lines’ automation
  • Customer support resources’ automation
  • Real-time online support for customers
  • A 24/7 help desk and technical support services

These capabilities of a manufacturer, when present, make them reliable. It also makes your business secure.


Timely Response 


How a manufacturer responds to a customer is very important in doing business with them. It’s called Timely response. It requires customers to get the help they need at the time they need it. 

This is a very important part of customer satisfaction. A customer with unresolved issues after a complaint is unhappy and unsatisfied. They may likely not patronize the company again. 

Manufacturers of bottleless dispenserswith ice maker with a timely response are the most reliable. 

Reliable manufacturers are those who respond to customers in a timely fashion. Whether it is an inquiry or a complaint. 


bottleless water cooler manufacturer


Customer services have changed over the years. How fast an organization responds to customers matters. And it’s an important part that will never change. 

When selecting a manufacturer for your bottleless water dispenserwith ice maker, take your time. Look for companies with timely responses. Not only in a part, but in every aspect of their businesses. Like in buying or ordering, look for those who offer special discounts on their products. 

Also, look out for companies that have great refund policies. Companies that fix problems with their products as they develop are a great choice. 

Buy from manufacturers who attend to their customers’ complaints. So when you need their help, they will come to your aid. 

Avoid manufacturers who don’t consider customers’ response time a priority. You will know this by the amount of time it takes them to attend your inquiry.

The quicker the response, the more reliable the company.


Low Staff Turnover Rate


Do you need a reliable manufacturer for your bottleless water dispenser with ice maker? Have you taken a look at their staff turnover rate? It may not be relevant to you, but it is very important. For your business and also for your customers. 

Staff turnover is the number of staff that leave a company and need replacing in a set amount of time. And it indicates when there should be a change in the business with regard to staff.

Working with manufacturers that have a low staff turnover rate has lots of benefits. First, less is more. 

One of these is that the majority of their resources are not spent on recruitment processes. They develop their businesses with the extra resources. 


bottleless water cooler manufacturer


Another benefit is that these manufacturers take care of their employees. A low staff turnover rate means the employees match their job. 

One other benefit is the presence of staff with developed professional skills. This contributes a great deal to the company. It also increases the productivity of the company. 

Companies with low staff turnover rates are great choices for your business. Asides from their workers being well-versed, their products have top-notch qualities. 




How important is your bottleless water dispenserwith ice maker business? How soon do you intend to start?

Selecting the most reliable manufacturer may seem like a Herculean task. Especially since there are thousands of manufacturers in China. 

Choose manufacturers with quality certification and a strict quality management system. And also those with rich OEM expansion ability and good after-sales capability. You are well on your way to great business success. 

Companies with timely responses and low staff turnover rates are important too. They help you fish out about 80% of bad manufacturers. 

I hope this article can help you begin your business. And also, pick a reliable manufacturer. 



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